USGA Kiln Dried Top Dressing Sand - NEW IN 2009!
3,000 pound super sacks for easy storage and handling. We can also super sack any other golf sands or products you request.

Premium Top Dressing Sand
This sand meets USGA Specifications for the root zone area in the greens, tees and fairways.

Greens Sand
A double screened processed top dressing sand for easier application to greens and tees after aeration.

Bunker Sand
Meets USGA Specifications. The off-white color reduces glare, looks more natural, doesn’t discolor over time and does not crust. Exceptional playability and meets the USGA pentrometer test (commonly known as the fried egg test).

“Putt ’n Tee” Mix
A blend of our Premium Top Dressing Sand and peat. We are able to blend any peat to your specification. “Putt’n Tee” Mix is a superior root zone mix and gives grass an excellent growing medium.

USGA Pea Gravel
Used in greens & tee box areas as a bridging or support layer that meets USGA specifications.

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Rectangular Areas
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Circular Areas
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