Bedding Sand
A pit run sand that is dry screened to 1/2 inch minus for pipe line bedding.

Screened Fill Sand
A pit run fill sand that is dry screened to 1/2 inch minus that is used for under slab and back fill projects.

Overburden Fill Dirt
A pit run dirt that is not screened but is compactable.
Also available...

Plaster Sand
Masonry Sand
Coarse Concrete Sand
Playground Sand
3/4" Drain Rock
3/4" Crushed Rock
3/4" Aggregate Base
Pea Gravel
Decomposed Granite

BSI supplies natural products and natural variations can occur. Materials specifications are available upon request.

At Brown Sand, Inc. we are able to produce and deliver our quality controlled products to the entire California and Northern Nevada area— economically
and efficiently— to support projects of any size and complexity.

We utilize dedicated trucks that are clean and contamination free
for delivery of all our products.

Feel free to call 209.234.1500
or contact us online for product
specifications and availability.
Rectangular Areas
Depth (inches): 
Length (feet): 
Width (feet): 

Cubic Yards Required: 
Circular Areas
Depth (inches): 
Diameter (feet): 

Cubic Yards Required: 
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